Our ferments.

Everything we make is raw, vegan, nutrient dense and full of living bacteria. We source locally from nearby farms during Florida farm season. While we primarily make sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, beet kvass and kombucha, we are constantly experimenting with different flavors of fermented products.



Rooted in German cuisine, sauerkraut spans many European cultures and means "fermented cabbage." It is one of the oldest and most recognized fermented foods. Captain Cook would store sauerkraut on his sea voyages to prevent his crew from getting scurvy.



Similar to sauerkraut, kimchi is the national dish of Korea that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. South Koreans consume 40 pounds of the stuff annually! Try our vegan kimchi with rice dishes, on sandwiches or atop sushi.



You may be thinking, "but your pickles don't look like pickles." Cool fact: you can pickle just about anything! While we may not have the iconic dill cucumber pickle at all times, we lacto-ferment quality, locally produce when possible. The ideas for pickles are endless.


Beet Kvass

A great alternative to juice, beet kvass is a savory and sour fermented beverage that originated among the Slavs during the middle ages. This probiotic tonic is ideal to consume as a digestive aid, to detox and alkalize the blood, or to replenish the body after a workout.



One of the most popular among the fermented beverages, kombucha is a sugar-sweetened tea fermented by a culture of living organisms called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.) Ancient people have always known the profound effects kombucha has on the body. This tonic is akin to raw vinegar.