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Tampa Bay's first wild fermentation food & beverage company.™



Our Story


All sorts of wild fermentation
happening here.


About St. Pete Ferments

St. Pete Ferments is a wild fermentation company that creates small batches using old-world methods. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to use locally grown produce when available, while offering live culture food and beverages rich in healthy bacteria, acids and enzymes.

Fermented foods are best when they contain locally beneficial bacteria, which is present in our sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and beet kvass. We encourage you to taste them all for good health and good flavor. Try them in recipes, or enjoy them straight out of the jar.


A healthy alternative to the consumer, St. Pete Ferments is the first fermentation company of its kind in Tampa Bay. We believe that incorporating a diversity of fares allows community members to explore the potential of the microbial world on their plates.

Our pledge is to stay true to ancient, time-tested methods resplendent of the art of fermentation. We do not use vinegar, pasteurization, starter cultures, or stabilizers that would otherwise disrupt the naturally occurring bacteria, which is so vital to the integrity of our ferments.


About the owner

Sarah Arrazola, founder of St. Pete Ferments, is a St. Petersburg native and proud Floridian. A product of the Sunshine City, she is inspired greatly by her Latin American heritage, southern roots and their cultural exchanges unique to the Sunshine State. As a tribute, all of her cultures are named after Florida authors: Ernest, Jack, Marjorie and Zora.